Tuesday, 12 June 2018

GOAT – Let it Burn (Single Review by Matt Crawley)

So……….where do I start. Well let me just say that I believe this to be the best song I’ve heard since Arctic Monkeys released R U Mine? early in 2012. To put this into context, when that track was released I DJed in a converted toilet (Ginglik, Shepherds Bush) at The Rifles aftershow party and that night I played R U Mine? 5 times in total!  I’m DJing at Club 85 in a few weeks and this will certainly be on the playlist, and every single DJ playlist until I hang up the headphones. 

The other guys at Transmission HQ will tell you that I make sweeping statements all of the time, but this time its for real!, This is the best song in the last 6 years. Let me explain why as I obviously listen to the track whilst writing this.

Now I know absolutely noting about the band Goat but after a quick bit of research I find out they are a mask wearing, experimental, psychedelic rock band from Gothenburg in Sweden who’s back story claims they are just one of many incarnations over the last 30 years of a group from a small, voodoo-worshipping northern town named Korpilombolo. Now as interesting as this is, it doesn’t tell you quite how I feel about this track. And boy does it make me feel something. I feel like the coolest mother fucker to ever grace the planet when I hear it. Not many songs in the last 5 years or so make me feel anything (see Better Man and Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini, R U Mine? by AM and Her by The Scruff) but this does! 

The tribal drums from the very first second beat the rhythm of my soul, the almost banshee vocals pierce it and a jazz flute solo that Ron Burgundy would be proud of lets it pour through me, and we are not even a minute into the track yet. Then bam, this fuzzy distorted guitar starts playing a dreamy almost Hendrix-like riff and that’s the exact moment I feel like strutting down the street like a bad mother fucker from Pulp Fiction. And it doesn’t relent for the next 5 minutes. The final two minutes introduce some climactic strings making it a finale to calm myself down again before I obviously hit the rewind button for the 10thtime.

The back catalogue is just as good with stand out tracks like Run To Your Mama and Talk To God. Goat headline Stage 2 at Citadel Festival in London on July 15thand if you’re going you would be absolutely mental to miss it. 

Anyway go listen to the track now for the best 6 minutes of your day.

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